The Power to Create celebrates people out there who are author's of their own life. These people are not unique, they are just like you and me. But what makes them different is their attitude to life. They are willing to face adversity head on and plough through whatever is required of them to achieve their goals in life.

And this is their stories...(click their picture to watch their interview)

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Darren Davis, the creator of Global Heroes

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Renee Skarzynski,  spiritual life coach, owner/founder of Joy is Your Purpose.

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Lisa Wells helps people get their eating habits back on track and supports them to create more consistent healthy days. Owner of Food, Fear, and Freedom.

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Craig Joppich is a business owner and business mentor, who is making huge differences in other people's life. 

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Master El Dacosta of the Chow Wing Kune Do martial arts academy. In this interview he shares his life long experiences in martial arts training, his philosophy for living a good life, and his passion for humanity.

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Stephen Kennedy originally from Ireland, now living in Victoria since moving to Australia in 2009. Stephen is an online marketer, a music school founder, a guitar teacher, and a performer, who loves doing what he does.

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Sienna Cyan is an artist coach, She works in the music industry, helping bands to connect with their audience and build sustainable careers. She has worked with singer/songwriters, recording artists and bands across all contemporary genres, from folk to EDM, punk to adult contemporary.


Perrin Abbas is a coach and yoga teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help people achieve their best in life.

Maria Jones.jpg

Maria Jones is an intuitive medium, a Zumba teacher, a business owner of essential oils, and has her own YouTube comedy channel.

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Paul Mischel is a Corporate facilitator, Executive Coach, Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapist.

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