You experience what you think about. So make your thoughts count!

Law of Attraction

Thoughts are powerful vibrational energies that you send out into the universe every day. You will send out many thoughts throughout your day and they will be both positive and negative thoughts.

In the practice of mindfulness, you learn to listen to your thoughts so that you become more aware of what you think about. Mindfulness is an important practice because you may not be fully aware that most thoughts you send out into the universe are negative.

Think about it this way. Have you ever read a paragraph in a book or magazine only to wake up to the fact that you did not even concentrate on the words? Or how about this. Have you driven somewhere only to wake up and realise how did you even get there? Well, that is the power of your mind. Even in your unconscious state within your conscious state, your mind will still do things regardless of what you are doing. It is like your mind has a mind of its own.

Now imagine your mind creating negative thoughts into the universe from the information that it picks up by all the senses, without even asking you permission to do so. Therefore it is important that you become more aware of your thoughts so that the universal Law of Attraction can work for you and not against you.

A few simple ways that you can be more mindful every day:

1. while doing a house chore try to immerse yourself fully into it so that you are in the present moment. Try not to allow your thoughts to jump around like a wild monkey in a jungle gym. If you do notice that your thoughts have wandered for a while, do not judge yourself for that, simply exhale with a big breath and carry on with the chore. If you judge yourself as hopeless and cannot even last one minute in mindful silence, then what you will be doing is feeding the mind the very nutrition that it requires from you. And that is, negative thoughts about your life and your self.

2. If you are conversing with a family member or friends, make sure that you are present in that moment. Hang on to their every words instead of thinking when will it be my turn to speak. We all have interesting stories to tell however speaking for the sake of filling a gap, or satisfying an ego does not add value to a conversation. There is a saying, "Better be thought to be a fool, than to speak and remove all doubts". I am not saying that anyone who speaks is a fool, but does what we say contribute to the conversation or exposes our ego?

In case you are wondering, 'From which website did I get those examples?'. It is the website of my own life.

So, pick your thoughts carefully so that they empower you through the universal Law of Attraction. Otherwise, you may just be living the life that you have created in your mind.

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