Trust in yourself is the greatest gift given to humans from God.

How much do you trust in yourself?

It is easy to get lost with all the distractions that are currently buzzing around you like flies over a dead carcass. And many times, a voice of authority will appear to lead you along a path that you did not even intend to walk. Once there, you may well find yourself all alone and somehow another voice of authority comes crawling out of the woodwork to direct you onto another path.

You often get mislead this way in life because you so much want to be of value in this life, that your drive is fuelled by either inspiration or desperation. Some of those voice of authority leads you because you are desperate, while others lead you because you are inspired.

The rule is this. Whether you are an atheist or a hardened religious, never put anyone above you. What does that mean? Do I have to be superior to everyone who comes into my life? On the contrary, you need to accept everyone who comes into your life. And you need to co-create with them instead of making them this totem pole that you worship.

After all, you are unique! You may not believe me because you might not fit the sexy, athletic, successful, image that society has painted for you. However, you are unique! Being unique is being you. The funny you. The crazy you. The awkward you. The clumsy you. The food falling out of your mouth you. The farting you.

It is this you-nique that makes you authentic in this world. It is this you-nique that was moulded before you entered this world. Your purpose is to enjoy the you and leave the rest to whoever created you. This does not mean be a couch potato. It does not work that way. Remember, Yin cannot survive without Yang. So you still need to do things in order to achieve what you want in life, but the secret to getting their is to do it as you and not some made up you, worshipping a totem pole.

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