How to become more confident in yourself?

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My name is Valery Duval. I am passionate about life and I express my passion through my posts on here and also through playing my guitar and singing.

I stumbled across this podcast today after doing a webinar with a lady called Katie Maynes from Melbourne. Her webinar sparked ideas in my mind which made me take a trip through the rabbit hole. And at the end of this trip I landed here on this podcast.

I have attached the link here. You do not need to make time to listen to podcasts, just listen while you are doing other chores. In fact, I am listening to this podcast while I am writing up this post for you.

Your mind is clever enough to sort out the important bits of information on your behalf. You just have to believe that it can do this.

What I like about this podcast is how vulnerable the interviewee is, Dr Nancy Haines. She really opens about her failures and her own awakening, that is, she confronts her ego head on instead of blaming others for her shortcomings.

The best way for you to get the most out of this podcast is to approach it in this way:

Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless. And add what is uniquely your own.

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