Develop an unbreakable mindset when challenging times come knocking on the door of your mind.

The mind is the key to everything you do in this world.

How do you develop an unbreakable faith in challenging times? First, you need to ask yourself what is faith to you? How do you define faith in what you do? Faith is often overlooked when things in your life are going well. It is easy to get carried away with what you are doing and believe that your way is working fine. You have ticked all of society's check boxes to get you to where you are right now.

You know what I mean. Get an education. Take on further studies to get you that well-paid job. Find that well paid job and start to save for your future. Meet the one. Get married or decide to live together. Plan your family. Have kids. And provide for them so that they too can live to tick society's check boxes.

In chasing such a life for yourself, when do you even put some coins into your faith jar? After all, just like a muscle you need to exercise your faith so that when challenging times comes knocking on the door of your mind, you will have the strength to see the challenge head on.

Why is it easy to palm off faith? Because it is intangible. You cannot hold it. You cannot see it. You cannot smell it. But when challenging times comes knocking you know faith is there. Especially if you have an adaptable and unbreakable mindset. You will have faith in yourself to live through the challenges. You will have faith in you to fight through until it is over. You will have faith that no matter how bad it gets, if you can get up out of bed every day, that is enough to keep you fighting on.

But what if you do not have that adaptable and unbreakable mindset? What then? How do you navigate the challenges in your life? My answer is this. True faith in yourself is authenticity. Authenticity is knowing that you are here for a reason. There need not be a reason which is what society's check boxes impose on you. Just believe that you are the reason. No label. No fancy anything.

In realising this, that you are the reason, you will see your world in a different set of eyes. You will no longer seek to tick society's check boxes because you know that you belong here. The check boxes will then become a tool to assist you to be the reason for being here. Instead of making you forget that you are the reason and asks you to label yourself.

That is true faith in you. Your conception even before you were born was reason enough for you to exist. Back then there were no labels. No fancy anything as to who you were meant to be once you come into this world.

When you forget where you have come from you will lose faith because you do not know who you truly are. So, you fill this void in your memory with society's check boxes.

Once you accept that you are the reason, you are part of a greater cosmic play, you are here to co-create not just create, you will then become the instrument of faith.

Thank you for stopping.


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