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Hi and welcome to my website, Practical Life Coaching.

Why would you want to be coached by me?

First, I am a massive fan of the human mindset. I am fascinated by how well some people use their mind to achieve what they want in life, while others use their mind to block what they want to achieve in life.

Second, I am a no BS life coach. I will offer my clients empathy and sympathy when needed but I am not a shoulder to cry on. This may seem a little tough to swallow, but prolonging your misery is not what I am about. I want to help you achieve what you want and there is a time to ponder and then there comes a time when you must act.

Why did I become a life coach?

I want to inspire people to achieve their best in life.

Is it possible to retrain your mind to achieve what you want in life?

Absolutely! And do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

This is how I coach my mind to be limitless every day. I write down my gratitude as soon as enter consciousness in the morning. I read positives quotes from people around the world from all walks of life. And I read stories and quotes from my bible because it is a manual for the human mindset.


Those gratitude, positive quotes, and bible stories feed my brain and creates positive connections between my neurons, which makes it easier for me to wake up feeling positive every day. I do not need a shower to wake me up, nor a cup of coffee to pick me up, nor a medicine to get me out of bed.


My mindset does that for me automatically!

Just like lifting weights to strengthen a muscle fibre, you also need to strengthen your brain by stimulating it with positive people, feelings, words, thoughts, sounds, pictures, actions, and foods.

It is a consistent application of those things EVERY DAY, to create a habit which will give you optimum use of your brain. Once you think, feel, speak, and act positively, you will become limitless in life.

And by limitless, I mean you will see potential in everything that you do. Your mind will be hardwired for problem solving instead of sabotaging your life.

Even when negative people and situations come into your life, your mindset will be able to deal with them easily because it will be hardwired to see positive at all times.

How did I cultivate a growth mindset?

I have been on this journey to strengthen my mindset for 20 years. I have applied this limitless approach to life in my martial arts training and teaching, competing in powerlifting, performing on stage in front of an audience as an actor, becoming an Infantry Officer in the Australian Army Reserve, and running a martial arts and fitness gym in Adelaide for 8 years. 

During those 20 years my fears and doubts would pop up to remind me that I was not strong enough, smart enough, rich enough, or lucky enough to pursue what I wanted in life. However, with some research and application of what I have learned, I was able to rationalise my fears and doubts and co-create with them instead of allowing them to control my life.


What benefits are there in co-creating with your fears and doubts?

You can create the life that you want to live without sabotaging your thoughts, and actions before you even start.

You will experience fears and doubts but instead of shutting down and allowing them to dictate the course of your life, you will learn to re-direct them to help you. 

And you can learn all of this and more, because the brain has the ability to retrain itself through the beauty of 'Brain Plasticity'.

I am currently applying that same mindset in recreating myself as a singer, songwriter, and musician, an advocate for orphans, widows, and homeless people around the world, teach myself to speak a few languages, and to play the drums in my own metal band in the near future.

The secret to achieving all these things is in cultivating a strong mindset by feeding it the right people, feelings, words, thoughts, sounds, pictures, actions, and foods, every day. Not one day or some days, every day!

Then, will you be able to add other skills and attributes on top of this limitless mindset. Because you will not have internal barriers stopping you.

If you would love to know how to co-create with your fears and doubts, let us connect! 

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